Nickname: Vex Wrecker
Real name: Ed “Kaboom” Kaminsky
Age: 26
Allegiance: American Applied Apparatus (Triple-A)


Tactical Booster

Hit Ally with this Projectile to temporarily boost
both his and your movement speed.

Cooldown: 20s

Fist of Revolution

Fires a powerful projectile that explodes in radial
force on impact.

Charges: 4


Nathan: I am not asking for your opinion, Vex. This comes from the top. You are doing it, period!

Vex: Screw you, man! Don’t treat me like some friggin’ nut case! Ain’t done nothing wrong.

Nathan: Don’t treat you like a fr… are you crazy AND dumb? Ok, let me lay down the situation clearly for you, Vex. The PR guys… TWO of them visited my office… Almost wet my pants. These guys NEVER leave their floor! Do you realize how serious this is?

Vex: They confiscate your candy machine?

Nathan: You almost blew up your teammates during a training session. And those public declarations you make… Come on, man! Death threats? I know how good you are, I was there when we recruited you, remember? But right now Triple-A feels you are becoming a loose cannon. The company has invested millions on you, and they want billions in return, not lawsuits.

Vex: Yeah, I’d like a taste of those billions myself!

Nathan: Remember the army? How you were discharged?. And then the street, couldn’t keep a job? We saw your potential, gave you a place in the world. And I know how much you enjoy being a Runner. Wanna throw it all away?

Vex: Just two years and you think you know me? What are you gonna say next? That you’re my friend? That you care? People like you make me puke.

Nathan: You are not capable of having friends, Vex. Now listen. Dr. Nagikata is the best. I hear CEO Jones herself used the doc’s services.

Vex: Sure, I spill my secrets to the company’s good doctor so she can spill ‘em all back to you.

Nathan: There won’t be a second chance. You do the therapy, hopefully the doc can figure out where it hurts and fix your behaviour. Or I submit this report today and tomorrow you are back in the street… probably both of us.

Vex: Good!

Nathan: You know, I don’t need to be Dr. Nagikata to see a pattern. The talent you possess… In the army you were respected, could have plowed through the ranks. But then always when things are good, you self-destruct.

(Long silence)

Nathan: Sigh… such a waste!

(Nathan opens his holographic keyboard and starts typing.)

Vex: Wait! (silence) Wait! Damn it! You’re right, ok? I mean, about me enjoyin’ bein’ a Runner… You’re really gonna do it? The report?

(Nathan keeps typing)

Vex: All right! All right! I’ll do the friggin’ therapy! Man, I swear, one day I’ll kill you!

Nathan: If I don’t kill you first. Now get out!