Nickname: Vengeful Star
Real name: Tatiana Kalinin
Age: 29
Allegiance: Independent (Kinetix Cyberware)


Hyper Disk

Hit Disk with this Projectile to boost its speed for a
brief moment.

Cooldown: 20s

Hyper Speed

Activate to run at hyper speed for a brief moment.

Charges: 3


Harrison: Welcome back to The Harrison Show! I’m here with a very special guest: she is young, she is unstoppable, she is the new sensation on the Arena, Vengeful Star!

(cheerful applause)

Harrison: Barely two months as a Runner and you have already climbed to the top of the popularity charts, which is incredible considering that, until today, you have been avoiding the media. The public is dying to discover who you really are! So, Tatiana, tell us, why did you decide to become a Runner?

Tatiana: I have 300 million reasons for that.

Harrison: Come on! It can’t be just for the money. The truth now: why use Vengeful Star as your nickname?

(A faint shadow overlaps with Tatiana’s confident smile. A fraction of a second, then it’s gone. Perfect smile again. Did Harrison notice?)

Tatiana: The megacorporations have been leaving very little space for small businesses, buying the competition off or otherwise choking it to death. My company, Kinetix Cyberware, is still standing. We are the punch in the face of megacorps, and we do it for all the victims out there.

Harrison: You can bet your millions of fans will order your Kinetix Subdermal Enhancer when it hits the market. Speaking of fans, let’s take questions from the audience. SeXym0nkky21 asks: “Is there a man (or a woman) in your life?”

Tatiana: There was a man once… But with the competition, love’s a distraction I can’t afford.

Harrison: 66% of our viewers disagree with you while 346,825 viewers are requesting a date with you. Tatiana, you have to pledge, here and now, to reconsider your position! All those hearts you are breaking, psychoanalists will make a fortune.

Tatiana: You are hard to resist, Harrison. Fine, I make a pledge, here and now, to think about it!

Harrison: Guys, stop with the smilies, you are overloading my Pad! All right, next question from Ycar_IPS_No_C: You were born in Moscow’s Federal Hospital, July 6th ’68. Is that correct?

Tatiana: How did Ycar know? Yes, that is correct.

Harrison: Follow-up question from Ycar: “According to the hospital records, the only Tatiana Kalinin born at that time died in the nursery.” This must be a mistake, shouldn’t have made it through the cut… let’s take another question.

Tatiana: I want to hear it! Please continue.

Harrison (hesitantly): “I have also checked university records where you claim graduation. No Tatiana Kalinin. Uploading files now. Care to explain?”

Tatiana: Are you suggesting that I am hiding my real identity? What if you got it upside down? What if I am who I say I am, but someone went to great lengths to erase all traces of me? What if your nosing around is putting everyone watching this show in danger?

(Harrison squirms in his chair. This was not in the program.)

Tatiana: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I am just kidding. No one is in danger. Tell you what, Ycar: I’ll answer your question if I win the tournament this season. Deal?

Harrison: This interview has gotten very interesting! Let’s have a commercial break. More of Vengeful Star when we return!