Welcome to the Wu Kong City trading program which will be held from November 6th to November 13th!

The purpose of the program is to allow Runners to send their CyberBux and their Spearhead Points to a mate!

The Wu Kong City Trading Center will charge 50% for any CyberBux trade.
But, you can downgrade this charge level by transferring your currencies to more players.
A 2.5% discount on the WKCTC charges will be applied for any additional beneficiary.

In other words, if you send your currencies to one player, a tax level of 50% will be applied.
If you send your currencies to two players, a tax level of 47.5% will be applied.
To three players, a tax level of 45% will be applied.

No charges will be applied on Spearhead Points trades.

The minimum amount to transfer is 1,000 CyberBux and 500 Spearhead Points per beneficiary.

To register your transfer, please contact SHG Community Manager through Steam.
Make sure you have the beneficiary's Steam profile to link.
You can follow the registered trades following this link: https://goo.gl/ZxR5bI

You have strictly to November 13th to register your trading orders!

All the trades will be proceed November 14th. No late orders will be accepted.