Nickname: Stalker
Real name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Allegiance: Independent



Activate to become invisible for a brief moment.

Cooldown: 20s


Activate to instantly teleport to your cursor’s location.

Charges: 2


Stalker: thanks again for putting me on top of the list with Apex. I am sure the bidding war was brutal. I know they will expand the project and lend the device to other Runners, but it is still good to be the first in the world with the power of teleportation.

Nemo: Don’t mention it. To be honest, we are as much interested to analyze the device performance in the field as the Apex researchers. Imagine the potential for our mercs.

Stalker: Oh trust me, it performs admirably well. There are headaches after repeated use, but I can live with that.

Nemo: You shouldn’t push it. We still don’t know much about that tech. Anyway, did you think about my proposal?

Stalker: the answer is still no. I know you have done a lot for me, and I appreciate it, I really do! But I have retired for a reason. All I want now is to focus on the Arena.

Nemo: We are not asking you to fully resume service. Just keep your eyes peeled, and report anything unusual.

Stalker: last time I did that nobody listened.

Nemo: So that’s what this is about?

Stalker: No, I am too old for ego trips, though I still think you should have listened.

Nemo: Paranoia is a quality in our line of work, but you are taking it too far. We purged that organization seven years ago. We dropped the hammer on their leaders. We heard zero chatter related to them since. It’s over!

Stalker: I am not convinced. They must have expected that we would come for them. I suspect they sacrificed the assets they wanted us to find, cut their losses, and went dormant. They will resurface, and they will try it again.

Nemo: You have no evidence, and right now, we have other potential threats, based on real evidence, that you can help us investigate. You and me, we go a long way: the Amazonian war, the Space Elevator crisis… If you don’t do it for the company, at least do it for me.

Stalker: You really think the emotional angle would work on me? You must be desperate, my friend. I will not change my mind. But if, I say IF, I accidentally see something, I may share it with you. I WILL NOT actively nose around. Got it?

Nemo (barely containing a victorious grin): got it!