Nickname: The Sentinel
Real name: Shawn Ling (unconfirmed)
Age: 34 (unconfirmed)
Allegiance: Unaligned



Guardian Field

Lauches a small cylindrical Force Field that blocks
only the disk.

ooldown: 10s

The Great Wall

Instantly creates a wall that spans the entire arena and
that blocks only the disk.

Charges: 3


Harrison : My dear viewers from across the solar system, this is a historical day in the stardom universe of the Arena. Ever since he appeared as a Runner four years ago, he has always shunned the media. But all that is about to change! He requested an interview with me. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Sentineeeeeeeel!

(Delirious cheers from the audience)

Harrison: Let’s start with the question burning everyone’s lips. Why request an interview? Why now?

(Sentinel lets out a low-pitch hum. In a heartbeat, a wall builds up in the studio, completely surrounding him and Harrison. Two seconds pass, then the wall vanishes, as quickly as it has appeared.)

Harrison: I apologize for this interruption. Sentinel does not wish to answer the question. We will move on with the rest of the interview.

(Surprise and confusion ripple through the audience. Harrison never takes no for an answer. He always pleads and manipulates until the guest spills out the truth. Was this part of the show?)

Harrison (ignoring the crowd’s reaction): You are the living image of the main character from the cult series “Vagrant Sentinel”. According to your records, you went through a lengthy and expensive process of extreme cybernetic and genetic transformation in order to BECOME the Sentinel. Why choose this character?

Sentinel: The Sentinel has marked many kids of my generation. He was a wanderer who would protect the people he met from injustice. He had many opportunities to gain wealth and power, but he never took advantage. To me, he is the incarnation of the selfless idealist. Someone like him did not, *could* not, exist in the real world. I wanted him to exist. I had the means and the will.

Harrison: Yet you do not wander from town to town to fight corrupt governments and criminal cartels.

Sentinel: Maybe I do! (laughs) Seriously, as you know, I donate all my earnings to NGOs. You would agree that their combined effort is more effective than a single man’s actions. I want all the children in the solar system to know that I am fighting for them in the Arena.

Harrison: Fair enough. Well, since you mention the Arena… You held the Defender of the Year title for three consecutive seasons, but now you lost it to Negociator, a newcomer. Has the Sentinel finally been outclassed?

Sentinel: I respect Negociator. However, I think…

(The voices fade out in the background. While Harrison is conducting his interview, he is also having a subvocal conversation that no one else can hear. On the line is a woman with a cold, razor sharp voice.)

Harrison: Only two seconds? No! From my point of view I was walled-in for a few minutes.

Woman: Tell me every detail.

Harrison: He was not alone. Nitrogen Queen appeared once we were surrounded by that wall. I could feel an oppressing energy emanating from her.

Woman: That can explain the temporal distortion.

Harrison: They asked me to convey a message to you… They seem to know that I have a direct line with the Committee.

Woman: This is no surprise to us. What was the message?

Harrison: Wait! How could they know? Just who are these people?

Woman: Not your concern. The message.

Harrison: Fine! “A riddle will knock at the gates, its eyes of blue deep. Not a man, not a machine, let it in lest the skies crack and weep.” Is that… Is that a threat?

Woman: “They” will send us a new Runner. Listen carefully, Harrison. You must finish your interview without further incident. Then you will completely wipe those two seconds and this conversation from your memory. No questions. Understood?

Harrison: I don’t really have a choice now, do I?