Nickname: Nitrogen Queen
Real name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Allegiance: Unknown


Mass Shift

Hit Disk with this projectile to temporarily stop its
movement. Anyone grabbing the disk while in this effect
will be slowed as well.

Cooldown: 15s

Time Alteration

Activate to create a zone around you that slows down
all players and the disk

Charges: 2


Integral Security Intelligence Datavault access
Decryption initiated. Three seconds to Intrusion Countermeasure Lock

TOP SECRET – Clearance Ultra-Violet
Subject: Nitrogen Queen Threat Assessment Preliminary Report
The first recorded appearance of the subject Nitrogen Queen (NQ) was at the Arena recruiting camp on October 15th 2086. She (it?) easily passed all the tests and quickly climbed the ranked from trainee to established Runner. NQ does not use spoken language. She appears to communicate with holographic projections. Spectroscopic analysis has been performed. Complex organic molecules. The android hypothesis can be safely ruled out. Unfortunately the portable lab cannot provide DNA analysis without direct contact.

Two seconds to Intrusion Countermeasure Lock

Subject has been called Nitrogen Queen by tournament organizers, presumably due to the cold gas exhaust. This is NOT nitrogen. Analysis indicates evaporative cooling with solid state freon. Internal temperatures far below liquid nitrogen’s 77 Kelvins. Whatever mechanism operates NQ’s abilities is extremely powerful and requires extreme cooling. Two puzzling observations have been made while subject activates her abilities:
1. Cherenkov radiation combined with local gravitational lens effect suggests space-time distortion of seizable magnitude.
2. Perhaps the most intriguing observation. Energy dissipation has been measured, helium-4 production from NQ’s Phuel(TM) reactor has been sampled, energy production inferred. The numbers do not add-up. Energy vanished, in the order of 10E8J. Need further analysis.

One second to Intrusion Countermeasure Lock

Now onto the threat assessment. The field agent, code name Indigo, tasked to infiltrate the Arena and approach the subject has been KIA. Prior to his death, Indigo requested immediate extraction. It is assumed that he had acquired key information on NQ. The official COD is multiple internal organ failures due to cyberware accidental malfunction. We believe agent Indigo has been assassinated. This is a clear indication of the threat the subject may represent. A new agent has been tasked to infiltrate the Arena, code name Violet. Extreme caution is advised. Her nickname as a Ru

Intrusion Countermeasure Detected. Ejection Subroutine Activated.