Nickname: Negociator
Real name: RS-NGCR001 (brain pattern of Nicholas Lloyd)
Age: 18 months (brain pattern of a 36 year old human)
Allegiance: Property of Robotic Solutions, international megacorporation.


Proposal Blocker

Hit Disk with this short range power to push it away.

Cooldown: 7s

Strategic Retreat

Activate to Teleport near your goal from anywhere in
the field.

Charges: 4


There is a law about the uniqueness of a human identity. You cannot duplicate one while its owner is alive. That’s why I’ve made a special deal with Robotic Solutions. There were other “candidates” like me, it seems, but I got “lucky”. I happened to die first.

It’s my brain they were interested in. They’ve put it in this carcass of titanium and plasteel. Well, not exactly the brain. They uploaded a full map of all the neural connections, without the meat. They wanted something very specific: the body frame of a robot, the processing power of a computer and the secret ingredient, human intuition.

There are no synthetics in team-based sports. A Spanish soccer club has once tried to use an android. While jurists were debating the ethical aspects, the team was winning all its games… for a short while. And then things went south. Opponents started changing their behavior. With all its physical prowess and computing power, the android was failing to read player’s intentions. Soon after, it was removed from the team.

This is why I exist. Body language, playfield situation… Opponent moves cannot always be predicted with an algorithm. You need the human touch. Though I wonder, how much “human” is there in a digital copy of a human brain?

Robotic Solutions seem to think that there is enough for “entities” like me to be considered true humans. Of course there is much opposition to that idea, something about the “soul”. I’ve got the feeling that they’ve put me in the Arena to harness public support. Enough people see me as human, and laws may change. Rumor has it the presitent of Robotic Solutions himself has been brain mapped into a machine. Immortality, perpetually transferring your mind when the meat body grows old. I don’t dare thinking of all the implications.

And to be honest, I don’t really care. My memory is a haze, but at least I think I know why I did this: Aileen.