Nickname: Hikari
Real name: Unknown
Age: 26
Allegiance: Apex Technologies


Lightning Arrow

Fire an arrow that activates a zone on impact. If the
disk moves through the zone, its speed is
greatly increased.

Cooldown: 10s

Hyperdash Beam

Fires a long range beam. If it hits the disk, Hikari will
Dash at high speed to the disk and push it on impact.

Charges: 3


(Heaven Station: a sprawl built inside the asteroid anchored at the end of the space elevator, 100 000 km above the surface of the Earth. One third of Heaven station is owned by Apex.)

(Hikari treads the hallways of the huge Apex Technologies Module at a comfortable 0.5g, occasionally glancing at the Earth above her head. From here the blue planet is less than 4 degrees wide, but for Hikari it is still breathtaking.)

(She senses a presence, then hears the steps. Judging by the sound, it’s Professor Ramirez.)

Prof. Ramirez: There you are! How was the trip? I heard there was a delay in Limbo Station?

Hikari: There was almost a riot… Elevator tickets down to Wu’Kong were sold-out, and there is a match tomorrow in the Arena. InSec intervened. Nobody died this time. Anyway, I am on my way to the construction site. Walk with me?

Prof. Ramirez: Of course. Besides, you need my clearance to access the site.

(They quietly walk for a while. Finally, Hikari breaks the silence)

Hikari: Say what you came to say, Ramirez-san.

Prof. Ramirez: I have your test results.

(Hikari shrugs)

Prof. Ramirez: Multiple signs of inflammation in your muscle and brain tissue. Generalized strain in your bone structure. Hikari, this is not good. Your powers are killing you. I am going to recommend that you be removed from the Arena.

Hikari: You will do no such thing!

Prof. Ramirez: I doubt you have much say in the matter, Hikari.

(In a tense silence, they reach what appears to be a construction yard. Hundreds of workers swarm around a huge complex structure. This has been Apex’s flagship project, its construction hidden deep in the Heaven Station. Propulsion systems, fusion reactors, habitat modules… It appears to be a work of precision and efficiency. A multi-trillion C-bux project. The slightest mistake and…)

(Hikari observes the workers for a long minute, then turns toward Professor Ramirez.)

Hikari: Tell me the truth, Ramirez-san. How many failures did you have before you began experimenting on me?

Prof. Ramirez: You know that’s classified.

Hikari: I am guessing thousands have died. Maybe more. How long before you find someone who can replace me?

Prof. Ramirez: It is true that you are an exceptional woman, off the charts really. To be honest, I doubt we can reproduce the results we have with you in the near future.

Hikari: (she points at the construction yard) We have both made great sacrifices for this project. It’s too late to back down now.

Prof. Ramirez: But you will die.

Hikari: Then make sure I don’t! In a few years, the construction will be complete. It’s my purpose to be there, to be the first. Apex has a dream, I will see it through!

(Hikari steps toward Professor Ramirez, with fires in her eyes. She leans forward, her face almost touching his.)

Hikari: I will do whatever it takes to see this through, and you will do whatever it takes to make sure I get there.

Prof. Ramirez: It will be extremely unpleasant. And you may die anyway.

Hikari: Whatever it takes.