Nickname: Captain Smoke
Real name: Hans Eisenberg
Age: 38
Allegiance: Integral Security (InSec)


Nerve Gas

Hit enemy with this projectile to slow him for a
brief moment.

Cooldown: 15s


Call Drone

Launches a drone that will help you for short while.

Charges: 2


(It is the middle of the afternoon. In this seemingly pleasant suburban neighborhood, a young boy is surrounded by a street gang. One of the gang members holds a yellow bicycle in his hands.)

Gang Leader: We’ll keep this till you get us our money.

(The boy’s face tenses, eyes wet.)

Gang Member (mocking): The little baby is gonna cry! What’re you gonna do kid? Call your mommy? What she gonna do? Call the police?

Gang Leader: Oooh, the police! Scary! But what’s they gonna do, eh? Email us a fine? (He sneers.) You got no security contract in your neighborhood.

(The gang members begin to laugh. Suddenly, a “clung” is heard, followed by a “whoosh”. Black smoke fills the screen. The gang members look all around, panicking. In a blur, a spherical shadow strikes the leader in the head, then bounces around, striking the other members one by one in quick successive rebounds. After a few seconds, the smoke clears. All the gang members are on the floor, moaning. The young boy is still standing, unharmed. A flying drone approaches him, followed by a familiar figure.)

Kid (excited): It’s you! Captain Smoke!

Captain Smoke: Are you all right, kid?

(The boy nods.)

Captain Smoke: Your mayor just signed a contract with Integral Securiy. This neighborhood is now safe.

Kid: Woah!

(Captain smoke makes a victorious pose, muscles twitching beneath the tight suit.)

Kid: You are so cool!

Captain Smoke: Ha! Ha! Ha! True! That’s due to my overdeveloped pectorals, my holographic cigarette and my sexy chin. If you train hard, you can be cool too! And remember, never smoke real cigarettes!

(Captain Smoke picks-up the bicycle and extends his hand to the boy. The boy grabs the hand, eyes overflooding with gratitude. Together they slowly walk away.)

(A loud, bass heavy, off screen voice resounds.)

Voice: Your children are important, do not gamble with their lives. Request a contract with Integral Security now!

(A text fills the screen: Integral Security. Your safety, our business.)