ACE - 14/04/2015 Patch Notes


  • Welcome to Hiro, a new Striker who joins the Arena!


  • You can now enable or disable your ranking mode 
  • The Ranked arena theme is now available. You can play in the ranked arena if you enable your ranking mode 
  • The Boreal arena theme is now available. You will see this theme if there is a Boreal eSports player in your game 
  • Team emblems are now in game. Contact SHG Tohu Meliakan for info

Main changes: 

The Store and the Gold Chests system have been reworked. 

  • Prices in the Store have been revamped in order to balance with the upcoming new skins 
  • Implants prices have been reworked in order to follow the additional ways to earn Cyber Bux added into the game during the past few months 
  • Gold chests drop rates have been managed in order to reduce the chance to have the same item and 
    Note: This can still happen

Bug fix: 

  • The grab should now work without lags 
  • In game leaderboards such as Goals or Saves should now display their proper values