ACE - 26/02/2015 Patch Notes

Hello fellow runners! 

The Feb update is finally here! 


New features

  • The ELO database - First step to the full ELO system 
  • Official Season emblems 
  • New Year / Winter Championship Exclusive hat


Bug fixes

  • Goalie shield animation now show the pulse effect properly and doesn't seem to be an immune area anymore 
  • Awesomium process are now killed once the game is launched, and restarted when the player comes back in the lobby 
  • The first lane of the leaderboard should now diplay your rank properly even if it is above 800 
  • The puck should not go through the door anymore 
  • PLayers are now correctly assigned in different teams in the matchmaking 
  • The tutorial should not bug anymore 
  • Bot are now named with their assigned hero 
  • The Win bonus is not given if you are the only human player in a game.


Characters balance

  • Nitrogen Queen is now immune to her own abilities 
  • Captain Smoke's drones have no delay anymore on their shot (on test) 
  • Stalker has got one more ultimate charge