ACE - 2015/01/20 Patch Notes

Hello fellow runners! 

A lot of new things in today's update. 

UI features: 

  • There is now a Happy Hour period which gives you a 30 Cyberbux bonus after each game played within 
  • There is now an Achievements leaderboards allowing you to see how experienced you are regarding the community 
  • You can now invite people from the chat list


  • Hikari's beam is now moving slower 
  • Hikari's beam now rotate correctly while it is activated


  • Following implants were boosted. 
    • Push power 
    • Cooldown regen 
    • Speed unpass 
    • Push unpass

Bug fix: 

  • Start button should now work correctly 
  • If you are only two players after a normal matchmaking, you will now be displayed to each team and not be in the same 
  • Cap level is now 120 
  • In spectator mode, you now see players in their right team 
  • There is now a sound when a match is over

See you in the arena!