Level reset - 11/09/2015 Patch Notes

Hello everyone!

As announced for weeks now, everyone's level has been reset!

Don't worry, you've kept all your achievements, items, implants and boosters, only your level has been changed to level 1.

What's new?!

  • A new leveling curve more relevant!
  • The highest level is now 50.
  • A 100 Cyberbux bonus at each level!
  • More chests for veterans!

The new leveling curve is available at www.ace-esports.com


ACE Powers Balance Update - 09/24/2015 Patch Notes

After the great discussions we had this week, we came out with a quick update in order to balance the game a bot more. 

In a nutshell: 

Captain Smoke

Delay on his secondary has been reduced by 70%. 


His wall lenght has been reduced by 75%. 


A 10% speed boost has been added on his secondary. 

Vengeful Star

His secondary strenght has been increased by 30%. 


All the supports' movement speed has been increased to be closer to Strikers' movement speed. 

You can find the discussion following this link:http://steamcommunity.com/app/285580/discussions/0/523897653312365352 

Another Balancing week will be conduct in 6 weeks after the next scheduled update. 

Thanks everyone who participated to these debates.

ACE SUMMER UPDATE (2/2) - 09/09/2015 Patch Notes

This update it the second part of the announced Summer Update Plan. 
Make sure your client version is .453 . 

As some of you know, we managed to optimize the game code during August. 
We have faced two issues. The first one was about the way how characters were handled in the code, the second one was about the way how the puck is handled in the code. 

We were able to fix and optimize the first part of this and greatly improve game's performance. 

Here the details of what have been done during the past month. 

Game stabilization: 

  • Characters' code was redesign in order to greatly increased its accuracy. 
  • Net code was optimized in order to greatly accelerate the exchange between the clients and the servers. 
  • A game engine lag compensation plug-in has been debugged.

Open Dev Project: 

  • Game engine was optimized for the Open Source Project that will allow the community to take part of the game development. More information will be given soon.

Bug fix: 

  • On respawn after a goal, the goalie shield should not push away your team mates 
  • Several grab bugs have been removed.

Regading the second issue, which result from how the puck is handled into the code and the way we developped the physic part of the game on UE3, engineers from Epic will provide us their support during the next two months and they will greatly push forward the optimization of the engine which is made by the game. 

We are looking forward to show you more about this soon. 

In the meantime, the announced Open Dev Project is about to start with selected developers from the community. It's first task will be to work on the UI and the chat, as so many of you asked for it. We will show and announce more as soon as possible. 

Thank your for you support, especially during the test sessions, and see you in the arena!

ACE SUMMER UPDATE (1/2) - 29/06/2015 Patch Notes

This update is the first part of the summer update. Make sure your client version is .333. 

It contains customization content and some fixes. 


  • All the characters got new skins.
    * Have a look on Facebook to participate to our SUMMER SKINS CONTEST!


  • Special arenas lines are now less glowy.


  • Asian server as been removed from the region selection map.

Bug fix: 

  • The gold and Silver chests are now fixed. 
  • In game European players are now displayed corretly on the region selection map.

The second part of this summer update, the game stabilization patch, will follow in few weeks and will fix grab and lag issues, and optimize the way hats are displayed in game.

E-Sport Official Season - April Final!

Hello Fellow Runners,

First of all great thanks to all the players who attended April's Main events!

About the Masters League!
Congratulations to Righteous Goaler, ThisIsLeCat and Ta'a Te Tu who managed the whole month to become April's top 3 solo players!

About the Kings League!
Congratulations to Ice Bombers who won the month title for the second time!

You can find all the past results, and the Global Season Leaderboard on our forum following this link: http://steamcommunity.com/app/285580/discussions/0/612823460250533305/


ACE - 14/04/2015 Patch Notes


  • Welcome to Hiro, a new Striker who joins the Arena!


  • You can now enable or disable your ranking mode 
  • The Ranked arena theme is now available. You can play in the ranked arena if you enable your ranking mode 
  • The Boreal arena theme is now available. You will see this theme if there is a Boreal eSports player in your game 
  • Team emblems are now in game. Contact SHG Tohu Meliakan for info

Main changes: 

The Store and the Gold Chests system have been reworked. 

  • Prices in the Store have been revamped in order to balance with the upcoming new skins 
  • Implants prices have been reworked in order to follow the additional ways to earn Cyber Bux added into the game during the past few months 
  • Gold chests drop rates have been managed in order to reduce the chance to have the same item and 
    Note: This can still happen

Bug fix: 

  • The grab should now work without lags 
  • In game leaderboards such as Goals or Saves should now display their proper values

Simon on The Any Key show hosted by ESChamp

Have you missed The Any Key show hosted by ESChamp?

Don't worry, there is the VOD here!

Watch Simon talking about Arena: Cyber EvolutionSpearhead Games - Montreal and La Guilde des développeurs de jeux vidéo du Québec from the 35th minute of this great show!

Disclaimer: ACE's addicts could be hurt by the streaming's lag during the played game.

E-Sport Official Season - March Final!

The past week-end have seen appeared the March Main Events Finals of the Masters and the Kings League.

Great games where played and both players and teams have shown a high level of mastery!

Congratulations to Hypnos, Cloud Strife and Pit who reached the top of the March Masters League leaderboard!

Congratulations to Ice Bombers who demonstrate an awesome creativity in front of Boreal eSport and reached the top of March Kings League leaderboard!

See you next week-end for the first Qualifications tournaments of April!
All the scores will be reset!

And until then don't miss our daily events: http://www.arenacyberevolution.com/events

ACE - 12/03/2015 Patch Notes


  • Ult bonuses (+1) will now appear every 30 seconds during the Overtime.

Ranking mode:

  • The ranking mode is now fully available in game.

* We will wait around week to see if there is no major bug and we will reset it to allow you to compete as best as possible. An event will be organised for this occasion, information will follow!

Bug fix: 

  • The win bonus and attached mechanisms will now work properly.

* The free rotation for all the champions will be ended March 16th.

ACE - 26/02/2015 Patch Notes

Hello fellow runners! 

The Feb update is finally here! 


New features

  • The ELO database - First step to the full ELO system 
  • Official Season emblems 
  • New Year / Winter Championship Exclusive hat


Bug fixes

  • Goalie shield animation now show the pulse effect properly and doesn't seem to be an immune area anymore 
  • Awesomium process are now killed once the game is launched, and restarted when the player comes back in the lobby 
  • The first lane of the leaderboard should now diplay your rank properly even if it is above 800 
  • The puck should not go through the door anymore 
  • PLayers are now correctly assigned in different teams in the matchmaking 
  • The tutorial should not bug anymore 
  • Bot are now named with their assigned hero 
  • The Win bonus is not given if you are the only human player in a game.


Characters balance

  • Nitrogen Queen is now immune to her own abilities 
  • Captain Smoke's drones have no delay anymore on their shot (on test) 
  • Stalker has got one more ultimate charge

ACE - 2015/01/20 Patch Notes

Hello fellow runners! 

A lot of new things in today's update. 

UI features: 

  • There is now a Happy Hour period which gives you a 30 Cyberbux bonus after each game played within 
  • There is now an Achievements leaderboards allowing you to see how experienced you are regarding the community 
  • You can now invite people from the chat list


  • Hikari's beam is now moving slower 
  • Hikari's beam now rotate correctly while it is activated


  • Following implants were boosted. 
    • Push power 
    • Cooldown regen 
    • Speed unpass 
    • Push unpass

Bug fix: 

  • Start button should now work correctly 
  • If you are only two players after a normal matchmaking, you will now be displayed to each team and not be in the same 
  • Cap level is now 120 
  • In spectator mode, you now see players in their right team 
  • There is now a sound when a match is over

See you in the arena!